Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Thoughts

It's such a beautiful day today with the sun shining and the butterflies playing by the plants.  I wanted to make a card that would share that feeling of a pretty summer day.

This is Zoe paper (don't you love it?) and the die cuts are from our new Artistry cartridge.  So easy and captured this summer day perfectly!

I can't leave without telling you that it is our 25th Anniversary today!  I don't quite know how time went so fast, and it seems almost surreal that we are celebrating our Silver Anniversary.  What I know is that I love my husband more with each passing day, and that I am problem the luckiest girl around.  We truly have a blessed life together!

Thank you for stopping in today!  Your visits make my day!

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Morgan Vogt said...

So pretty - it makes me happy. :)

Jeannie said...

I love the card but I really love your curls.

Casandra Bennett said...

Awe. Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 10th tomorrow. P.S. Look at those fresh faces. Adorable couple. :)

Mary Newman said...

Such a pretty card. Love all the little butterflies. Happy 25th to you and Jerry....you are an awesome couple~!

Janice said...

Hope you had a great anniversary and love this card. You are on a serious roll. ;-)