Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cherish the Friendships and Convention Week Continues

One of the best things about Close To My Heart events is the opportunity to spend time with friends near and far.  For instance, my good friend and team member, Marg lives about 20 minutes from me.  We are always roommates at events because we just don't see each other enough!!  Roommate gifts abound at Convention, and it was no different in our room!  Marg gave me two of my favorite things - a Starbuck's card and a Disney card.  I made sure I had plenty of Frappuccinos while there, and I've been eying a CUTE Minnie Mouse shirt with ears full of roses.  That card helped me get it!
Of course, we had to have matching jammies, so I gave Marg Mickie Mouse pajamas that matched mine.  Now I only wish we had taken a photo!  You would think scrapbookers wouldn't forget such a thing.....LOL!!  I also made her this canvas knowing that Jackson is her favorite paper.

Now I can't leave without sharing some of the smiles of I had with my friends!

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Morgan Vogt said...

You know, I thought see all the new product would be my favorite part, but truly, it was spending time with you and our team. I was just so happy being with everyone, talking, sharing and laughing. :)

Lynn D said...

Awwww, exactly what Morgan said.

Lynn D said...

Awwww, exactly what Morgan said.

Mary Newman said...

So glad you all had a great time at Convention. Looks like so much fun and seeing all the new product is so exciting. Great memories!