Monday, February 16, 2015

Hopscotch Layout Kit

I am so excited to bring you the Hopscotch Layout Kit for March!  These bright wonderful colors are just so perfect for so many photos, and it has been a great joy to work with this paper. 

Didn't I tell you this was fun paper?!  
Here are your kit options, and they are available until March 15th:

Kit #1:  Hopscotch paper, Hopscotch complements  $17.23
Kit #2:  Hopscotch paper, Hopscotch complements, June Bug Puffies - $22.96
Kit #3:  Hopscotch paper, Hopscotch complements, June Bug Puffies, Pixie Twine - $27.52
Kit #4:  Hopscotch paper, Hopscotch complements, June Bug Puffies, Pixie Twine, Hopscotch Assortment - $34.40
Kit #5:  Hopscotch Workshop on the Go (with stamp set), Hopscotch complements, June Bug Puffies - $46.08

(Long distance kits will add an additional $6 for shipping.)

Hopscotch Layout Kit
These are the items on for the kit:

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Mary Newman said...

Brenda, these layouts are just adorable. Love the little flowers on the top of the first two. You have such cute ideas as well with the thicker twine. Love it all the way around~!

Casandra Bennett said...

I seriously love these layouts. Looks like you had a fun time in Hawaii. But what a bitter cold time of year to come back home. Brr. Have a blessed day.

Karen Pedersen said...

You are on the ball! I can't believe you already have Hawaii pictures scrapped. I had so much fun with you. Love the layouts!