Monday, February 23, 2015

Card/Memorabilia Box Kit

In the coming months, you will see me putting together some kits that are only available long distance.  They will also be limited in supply, so if you see one that you like, grab it right away!

My first kit available is the Hopscotch Card/Memorabilia Box.  The boxes are no longer available, but I happen to have 9 of them on hand!

When you order this kit, it will be shipped within two days.  This kit includes:
Card Box
Pre-Cut Hopscotch Paper and Flowers
Stamped Sentiment
(5) Gold Bling Gems
1 yard Flaxen Twine
Instructions with Photos

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Lynn said...

You are rockin' the flowers these days friend. Love it.

Karen Pedersen said...

So pretty!

Tamra Pope said...

You always amazing me with your!

Tamra Pope said...

Stunning as usual, your designs are always so fresh and cheerful :)