Monday, January 12, 2015

Heartstrings February Club Layouts

I was at a weekend retreat, and I almost forgot to show you the second of my Heartstrings layouts.  Oops!  I get so excited about getting away to scrapbook that I forget what I am supposed to do!!  (I am fairly sure you can relate!!)

Anyway, Heartstrings has been once of my favorite papers to work with.  I simply love Heartstrings, and I want to make sure you know all about it because it's only available until March 31st.  So if you want quick and easy layouts, I encourage you to pick the kit of your choice below the photos.  
This Heartstrings layout workshop will be available until February 5th.  
Kits will be mailed out on February 17th.

Kit #1:  Heartstrings paper, Heartstrings complements  $17.23
Kit #2:  Heartstrings paper, Heartstrings complements, Stuck on You Puffies - $22.96
Kit #3:  Heartstrings paper, Heartstrings complements, Stuck on You Puffies, Pixie Twine - $27.52
Kit #4:  Heartstrings paper, Heartstrings complements, Stuck on You Puffies, Pixie Twine,                               Heartstrings Assortment - $34.40

Heartstrings Scrapbook Pages

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