Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thanks So Much

I sure am having fun working with the Shinhan Touch Twin markers!  There are just so many things that you can do with them, and today I have two different techniques to show you.

I never have enough thank you cards in the house so I made a batch of 3x3 cards.  I have to tell you that these were so easy!  I used washi tape and shimmer trim for the background, added some loops of Waxy Flax from my stash, and complete the card with a flower.  Let me show you the flowers up close so that you can see what I did with them.

I stamped this fun flower with black archival ink.  I colored each flower with two inks, and this is how you achieve the look I was able to get with my flowers. (Read to the end, and I will list the colors for you.)
  1. Use the lighter ink first and color the whole flower.
  2. Use the darker ink to create shading where desired.
  3. Color the whole flower again with the lighter ink to blend all the color together.

Really, it's very easy, and how you learn is just to try it for yourself!  Every flower, every image that you color may look different because of the pressure you use in coloring or where you shade.  That is the thing I love about the Touch Twin markers!

I wanted the centers to match, so I colored the Gold Bling Gems with the same alcohol markers.  
How fun is that?

I hope that you are enjoying learning more about Twin Touch markers this week!  Thanks for stopping in and may your day be especially blessed!

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