Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh So Happy

Today's embossing technique is quite easy, but really packs a punch!  

I have used the Stripe Embossing Folder to distress the background for this card.  All you need is a sanding block to create this look.  Because our cardstock has a solid white core, it's easy to achieve this look.  I do have a few tips for you when doing this.  
  • Sand lightly so as to stay on the embossing.  If you have to go over it a few times, that is much better than a hard sand that goes in between the embossing.
  • You will notice a lot of dust when you sand.  You will want to have some scrap paper to protect your surface.  I don't recommend either the versamat or the craft mat for a sanding mat.  You risk sanding the plastic of those mats and ruining the surface.
  • As you are sanding, wipe the dust with a paper towel.  When you are completely done, go over your sanded area one more time to make sure all the dust is gone.  
Don't you think that stamp is perfect for a distressed background?  It is the stamp from the Brushed Workshop on the Go, and it has distressing in the stamp.  I LOVE it!

I have a couple more days of embossing techniques to share, so be sure to keep tuning in!  I also invite you to subscribe to my newsletter on the left sidebar.  You will get news on classes, crops, and specials!

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Karen Pedersen said...

Love the black and white with Thistle!

Lynn said...

I love what you have been sharing with the embossing this week.

Mary Newman said...

Thanks for sharing the embossing techniques! It's so fun to see how your cards turn out with trying something a bit different. Perfect stamp for the distressed background. Love it!