Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's the Last Day!

I can't let April end without telling you one more time about this fabulous Cricut Collection special!

I want to tell you some reasons that I have made Close To My Heart my full-time career:
  • Close To My Heart truly values their consultants.  They work hard to bring us the best product and make the decisions that will keep our company strong.
  • Close To My Heart is 100% debt free.  Enough said, right?
  • I value each and every friendship I have made because of Close To My Heart.  From customers to team members to sideline sisters to life is much richer because of all of these people!
  • I like being my own boss and setting my own hours. 
  • I love creating classes and working with Close To My Heart paper and stamps.  I've been scrapping for 24 years now, and I can say with confidence that Close To My Heart truly is the best product on the market!
  • Close To My Heart and their wild generosity has made my dreams come true over and over again. As a little girl I dreamed of Italy, and Close To My Heart brought me there in 2008!  In 2013, my husband and I were blessed to visit the South Caribbean.  Just  six weeks ago, we returned from Costa Rica, and in February of 2015, we will be renewing our vows on the beaches of Oahu.   I can't say enough about what these trips have meant to me and my husband.  We would never be able to travel like this, but Close To My Heart has made it a possibility for us!
  • I love leading my Rose Blossom team.  It is lovely to work with this group of women, and it is a joy when we are able to spend time together.  In just this first four months of the year, we have cropped together, been on a retreat, and attended a Rediscover event.  Nine of my team members are going to Disneyland with me in less than two months for our annual Convention.  To top it all off, our mid-summer meeting is a pool party and creative session!!  We stay connected through a private Facebook group and that has helped us get to know each other whether near or far!
I could go on and on, but mostly what I want to say is this...why not give Close To My Heart a try?  
You may not want to work full-time like I do, but that is why Close To My Heart is so wonderful!!  Everyone is welcome!!
So whether you want to earn some extra money to pay a bill or get a great discount on own your product, Close To My Heart is the place for you!

 I wanted to close with some photos from the recent Rediscover Event.  What a great night filled with warmth, creativity, and fun!!  Thank you for stopping by today!

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