Monday, March 3, 2014

Studio J

You know, this is a good special this month.  $5 for a two-page layout in Studio J.  
So this month I'll be showing you a lot of work that I've done in Studio J.  
Don't worry!  I'll throw some cards in here and there for my card makers, but I really want you to see some of the fun things that Studio J can do!  Here's one of my favorites...

I love being able to pop photos into a large photo well.  That's how I got this big picture of my kiddo floating on the tube.  This paper, by the way, is exclusive to Studio J.

You can also place your text box over a photo, and that was the perfect place for journaling on this layout.

Do you have a FREE Studio J account yet?  Why not give it a try and see how this fabulous online software can so easily fit into your crafting time!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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1 comment:

Karen Pedersen said...

This layout makes me want to go to Costa Rica. lol