Saturday, June 8, 2013

Father's Day Milk Carton

One of my memories from when I was a little girl is what sparked this creation today, so bear with me while I tell you the story.  When my Mom and Dad stopped by K-Mart (that was the BIG store forty years ago), he would always come home with Whoppers.  He brought home orange slices and circus peanuts, too, but I think he loved the Whoppers the most.  Well, actually, he loved anything sweet.  He would eat light at dinner because he always said he needed to "take a diet."  But half an hour later, there he was having ice cream and graham crackers!

Well, let me bring you back to the present now.  Last weekend, Jerry and I were at the Mall of America with Shane.  (Sidenote:  What a fun day!)  We went into Caribou Coffee, and I saw this new ceramic mug they carry:

Adorable, right?  I picked it up and was thinking about my Dad's Whoppers when Shane told me that I could make it with my Cricut.  And he was right!

The milk carton and moustache are cuts on the Artiste cartridge.  How fun is that?  This is Later Sk8r paper, and I've simply rolled paper to make the straw.  The sentiment and moustache stamps are from Perfect Fit-Dad, and the twine made a good finishing touch.

My dad passed away in 1993, but isn't it wonderful that the good memories can come to the surface just by walking into a coffee shop?  On Father's Day weekend, you'll find this milk carton in our house filled with Whoppers!

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Lynn said...

Great project idea and a great story Brenda.

Karen Day said...

I love this, Brenda! When I was little, we would get to the K-Mart in Spokane twice a year, and always bought Whoppers & Fiddle Faddle, then went to Arby's for dinner (this was all a pretty exciting weekend back then). Thanks for the memories!

Becca Whitham said...

What a wonderful story...and a fabulous project. It will indeed be a weekend to celebrate in your house!

Kim said...

Oh brenda, I love this and your previous story. So great how one object on a coffee date can bring back so many memories. Funny story, my hubby growing up in Remer has told me stories of their family going to Kmart...and that was the 70s ;)

Karen Pedersen said...