Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little Fabric and Tulle Later...

...and this is what I have to show you!

Close To My Heart introduced fabric to match two of our paper packets,  For this star, I used the For Always Textiles.'s all fabric!  Let me tell you how I did this.

I started with the My Creations Star.  I traced the template for the star on the wrong side of the fabric and then cut them out.  Once I had all five arms cut out, I adhered them to the star with Liquid Glass.  Fine lines of Liquid Glass works great for fabric.  While it was drying for a bit, I sewed (yes, I hear the shocking gasps from all of you!) a fabric yo-yo   I didn't really know what I was doing, but I went to Pinterest and just followed a simple tutorial.  Really, it was so easy that I don't know why I don't do that more often!  Once I was done with that, I trimmed up the edges of star's arms so that there was no fabric overhang.  Now you know that fabric can fray, so I put an extremely thin line of Liquid Glass on the edges to stop the fray.  (What would we do without Liquid Glass?)  I attached the yoyo to the star (can you guess what I used - yep...Liquid Glass!)  I grabbed a slate glitter accent and thread a little tulle through the middle and added that to the middle of the yo-yo.  I finished it off with a tulle bow.

You could easily add color to this with a colored trinket pin.  I chose to add sparkle with flourishes on two of the arms.  If you click on the photo, you can open it up larger.  I LOVED working with the fabric.  I thought of a few other things I could do with it, so you may see those in the near future!  I do want to show you a video from Close To My Heart to give you some more ideas with what to do with fabric.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have a great weekend!!

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Marg Van Patten said...

Gasp is right!! You used the sewing machine and the results are stunning!

Jeanie B said...

Wow! Stunning! Beautiful! Fabric on a MyCreation item? You've got wheels turning. Thanks for the inspiration.

Karen Pedersen said...