Friday, October 26, 2012

Avonlea Clear Cards

If you scroll down to my previous post, you'll see the box that I created for the cards I am showing you today.  Because the box is on the elegant side, I wanted very special cards for the inside so I chose to use clear cards.  I love clear cards, and they are on the "While Supplies Last" list right now.  They come in a set of 8 cards for $3.00.  Yes, I said $3.00!  WOW - that's just 38 cents per card & envelope for a really unique card.  There will be two of each of these cards inside the card box.

If you look closely at this card, you will see that the rounded piece and "thinking of you" layers are on the inside.  The ribbon wrap, circle element, and gems are on the outside.  I've placed the band strategically so that you can write on the mat on the inside.  This is one of the rounded corner cards and there are four of these in the package.  The other four cards have a bracket edge, and that is what I used for the next card.  Again, the ribbon band, square elements and buttons are on the outside of the card. 

These are an extremely durable card, and I love them!  They come with a protective coating over them so that they remain free of scratches.  You may wonder about the adhesives I use for this.  Liquid Glass is perfect!  It dries clear and has a strong hold.

Watch my class calendar.  I will be having a special winter clear card kit available for purchase in November!


Casandra Bennett said...

These cards are gorgeous! Love what you did with them.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous! "Clearly" I will have to try these!