Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

I told you in my earlier post today that Practical Scrappers is featuring Bella Blvd and having a giveaway.  It will be going on tomorrow (Thursday) as well so be sure to stop by.  The collections featured tomorrow are Family Dynamix and Tail Waggers & Cat Naps.  I used Tail Waggers & Cat Naps in this layout.

Other than the bit of twine and a couple of chipboard shapes, this is all Bella Blvd.  Fun, fun papers!  This is Miss Chanel and Miss Sassy taking a break next to each other in Shane's ugly chair.  They fight and chase and "yell" at each other, but they sure do love each other!  Oh by the way, we call Shane's chair ugly because they fabric really is!  It's a spinning chair and one of the most comfortable chairs any of us has sat in.  It's been around for 10 years now and the fabric shows little sign of wear even though Shane parks himself in it whenever he is home.  Just goes to show, beauty is not always on the outside! ;)

This is one of Becy Fleck's Page Maps sketches.  You can find it HERE.  Do you have Page Maps and/or Page Maps 2?  I love these books of sketches!  I think my very favorite thing is that they have cards of all the sketches, so you can easy take them to a crop.  What a great idea! 

Okay, done talking and back to crafting! 


Laurel said...

So very cute, can't wait to get my paper!

Karen Pedersen said...

Love it, and I love your little chair story too!