Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Scrap Space

Today at Memory Works, I am sharing a little about my scrap room and what I do to organize my space.  My space for crafting isn’t designed beautifully, but what it lacks in a good paint job and wall décor, it makes up for in functionality. I have only half of a 15x10 room, so I’ve got to stay organized. First I’ll show you my desk. It’s a big Ikea desktop that I can fit a lot of things on while I work.

This shelf holds so many things, and they are right at hand while I’m working. Small things are in jars, buttons are sorted by color family, and other products are grouped together. The turntable and ink pad holder are also placed so that I can work efficiently.

One of my favorite organizational tools is my Clip-It-Up. It stores so many things, and it keeps them right in the open. I forget I have things if they aren’t in the open! It sits immediately to the left of my desk for easy reach.
This shelf holds so much! I’ve got all my photos and tools in this shelf. It also sits to my immediate left. I love my ribbon tags! It’s a great way to store ribbon in order to keep it from getting wrinkled. I keep all of my larger ribbon reels in the skinny drawer of the shelf.
Finally, this is the shelf where I keep all my paper, finished cards, and albums in progress. This shelf is on the wall to the right of my desk. I keep my patterned paper in cropper hoppers, and my cardstock in trays.

Everything is within reach form my table, and I love that. I don’t always have a lot of time to craft so organization is key.  It’s been a pleasure to have you visit my craft room today!


Dorcas said...

I think it's wonderful, Brenda! My space is pretty rustic but as long as it WORKS well, it doesn't have to have all the fancy decorations. I love the organization of your space and all your cubbies. :-)

Marg said...

I agree, it's so important to be organized when we don't have alot of time to create. Looks great Brenda. Thanks for the tour!

Laurel said...

It looks great Brenda, looks like a place you have a lot of fun!

Karen Pedersen said...

It's always so much fun to me to see where the magic happens for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Oh I love to see how others organize and craft.
You have lots of goodies I would like to play with.
Thanks for sharing

Irini said...

Brenda brilliant scrap area...looks very functional.....I am too embarrassed of mine...just way too messy!! LOL

Theresa said...

Thanks for sharing your scrap space...it looks great, and you have some great organizational ideas.

CraftyGirl said...

Isn't it amazing how much stuff we can squeeze into a small space?! Loved seeing your scrap space!
barb :)