Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Big Family

Too tired to post much tonight, but I have to share a picture from today.  Of course, I make everyone gather for a picture!  There were 7 people missing that weren't able to come to the party today, and there are a fe hidden faces.  But all in all, this is a great picture of everyone squeezed into a portion of our tiny living room.
Jerry is standing on a chair way in the back - in a salmon colored shirt.  Shane is at the top right in an argyle sweater, and I am at the bottom right crouching behind my nephew.  All of my sisters were here today, and Jerry's mom (white shirt on the left) and my mom (standing next to Jerry's mom).  A couple of brither-in-laws, and loads of nieces, nephews, and their kids.  I love family pictures!


Dawn said...

How wonderful so many of your family members could attend.
Wonderful picture to add to the scrapbook!
Blessings my friend

MommaSaid said...

So much love! It's amazing that you can get everyone to cooperate; beautiful photo.

Lisa Jane said...

a fabulous photo - thanks for sharing Brenda - i love parties and family gatherings .. they dont happen often enough for me
Lisa ;)

Karen Pedersen said...

Family is what it's all about! Love this!