Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Attitude Award

I received this lovely award from Dawn - thank you so much!!!  If you haven't been over to visit her, be sure to go.  She is amazing, and she has a great giveaway going on now!!

This award comes with a $5 gift certificate (isn't that amazing?!) to The Digis with Attitude store.  I just have to follow a few easy steps.  The first is that I must let you know about three things that make me unique.
  1. I have a very hard time sitting through a movie or television show.  I watch almost everything online while I am crafting.
  2. I am just starting to use printable stamps and digi images.  So many people color them so beautifully, and I just need to play for some time (or maybe years).  I do so love printable stamps and paper!  They allow me to match color in print shop with what I am doing - and the savings is enormous!
  3. I am a pretty good cook and I love to bake, but you won't find me ever rolling a pie crust.  Too putsy for me and store bought crusts are just as good.
Now I need to pass this award on to five more people and then display the award on my sidebar:
  1. Laurel - Seabrook Designs
  2. Marg - I Didn't Have Potatoes
  3. Amanda - Simply Scrapping
  4. Lisa - Mess 2 Magic
  5. Katie - Running with Scissors, Spatulas, and Sneakers
There are so many more people I would love to pass this on to!  Know that all my readers and followers mean the world to me!!


Lisa Jane said...

Thanks so much Brenda - i was given the award earlier this week and have passed it on ... but thanks so much for thinking of me xx
Lisa ;)

Dawn said...

So glad you like this award. Love to find out new things about you also...please keep the snow by you, I don't enjoy as much as you.LOL