Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Crafting Husband

Earlier this evening, I had a guest in my craft room - my husband! He is getting the urge to fish about now (in the warm weather), so this is about the time of year he starts making lures for the summer. He set up a table across from mine, brought up his supplies, and we crafted together. I streamed in a couple of netflix movies, and we had great fun!

These are some of the lures he's made over the years. They are made of mylar, horse hair, and chicken feathers. Very cool - and it is truly a craft! I asked him how many of these he's used, and he said all of them!

Some time I'll share pictures of his musky lures. He hand carved them from wood and then designed and painted them. Jerry is an auto body painter by trade, so he really has a gift for this sort of thing.
Tomorrow we are going to have brunch at the restaraunt where Shane works. I talk to him several times a week, but it's been a month now since we've seen him. Can't wait! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Dawn said...

Wow I am impressed how colorful these beauties are. I have heard there is quite a knack to making these. How fun you got to share the space and time.
Hope you have a great time with Shane,I am missing mine also, my daughter is coming home in 11 days -I am so excited about her coming.
Hugz sweetie

Laurel said...

How sweet that you two were crafting together!

Karen Pedersen said...

How fun is that? I love that you found a way to do your 'crafts' together and share the day.

Kim said...

That is romance in the truest form! I love it. My Honeybee was admiring Jerry's lures. I just know those two would hit it off, just like us! Such a sweet evening!
Kim xXx