Monday, November 9, 2009

When the Bird Flies Away...

the nest is left empty.
I've been looking at this nest the past few weeks in one of our maple trees. The finch played out there all spring and summer, so I am quite certain is was left by a kind mama finch.
I've found it to be pretty symbolic because I have really been feeling our own empty nest. Let me start out by saying that I am really proud of Shane for his leap into the world! He is working hard, taking care of responsibilties, and really enjoying his life. This is what a mother wants for her child! My husband and I are blessed to have such a fabulous marriage and have found so many commonalities in life.
Back to the empty nest. I'll try to explain it this way. I loved watching Shane grow through every stage of his life. In the past couple of years, I enjoyed so many conversations with Shane in the morning before he went to work. Even though it was time for him to spread his wings, it left me feeling as if I had been laid off from the most important job I have ever had.
I don't know too many empty nesters. Most of the people I know have more than one child or have grandchildren soon after their children leave. Their houses are still full at the holidays. One day we will have those grandparent days, but not for awhile yet.
It's new and different to me to run our home without thoughts of Shane. Gosh, the grocery bill has gone way down, there are less clothes to wash, and a bathroom that virtually stands empty. It's peculiar to not be concerned about a dinner time or whether Shane needs me to bring home anything from the store.
Yes, this is an adjustment for sure. So there may be children out there that get school supplies (Shane and I loved buying them!) or little gifts in the mail. That is my way of working through this empty nest and feeling like I can still be useful and nuturing. Gosh, can you believe that I sent Shane a box of fruit snacks a couple of weeks ago? He loves them, and in that simple gesture, I felt like I was doing something for him again! What a silly mom.
I hope that nest stays undisturbed all winter in our maple tree. I'd like to see the mama finch come back next year and start all over again!


Karen said...

What a sweet, sentimental post. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Jamie Harder said...

Such an adjustment for you! Remember, to use your symbolic analogy, that in the Spring that Finch will be back (and maybe even use that same nest again:-) and you too, in time, will have your nest filled in new ways!! And, you are not laid off, no matter what the age, or where we go, we all need our mothers!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness I so understand the empty nest, it still tugs at my heart.My Shane also loves fruit snacks and I send him scooby snacks or roll ups and am thrilled when he or another child comes home and I can fill the cupboards and frig with snacks again. My three children get use to my monthly "care boxes" and enjoy them even if they think I am crazy.

Scrappin With Tammy said...

You are not a silly mom, you are a caring and loving Mom!

I can relate to the empty nest but in a whole different way. Be happy that you still see Shane and can spend time with him-even if it is in a different way. Enjoy it all.

Hugs to you, Brenda!

Kim said...

Well, I can't relate to the empty nest, but I know what your darling Shane means to you! He is never too far away! Even though I don't even know him, I know that you are the most important person in his life! Hugs to you lady!
kim xXx

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,
I share all of your thoughts about the empty nest. Ours too was empty and now we are back to the revolving door with our married children living close and our granddaughter spending time with grandma while her parents are both working. Enjoy the time with your husband and keep spoiling your son with special treats. What a blessed son you have raised :)
stamping hugs,