Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jerry and I had a wonderful time today on a Chocolate, Cheese, and Wine tour. The first stop on our tour was Indian Creek Winery and Grille. There was lots of wine tasting (all made in elsewhere in Wisconsin), and a pleasant lunch with 40 other people from the tour. The highlight of our tour, however, was Chateau St. Croix in St. Croix Valley. Now this was a winery!
It is on a sprawling 55-acre spread complete with a carriage house, stables, and an outdoor patio. It was completely designed as a European estate with a gallery done in 1600's design, a sitting room in 1700's, and a large 1800's hunting lodge style. The owners (who are also the winemakers) are very young, and they have put thought into this winery. While they lived in Germany while he was in the Air Force, they traveled to see many different European vineyards and found it very appealing. They brought their experiences right back to Wisconsin!
One of my favorite experiences was the chocolate and wine pairings. Never did I know that fine chocolates (there was a chocolatier present) wines taste so differently. Smell the bouquet, sip the wine, and a small piece of chocolate. When you sip your wine again, your chocolate covered palate will give you the richness of the wines. Very nice!
The production tour guide was so knowledgable and that made it fun. Maybe I waas endeared to this young man because he said that women should never have to say they're sorry to their husbands because they are the "givers of life." Guess he knew exactly how to say the right thing to make women buy wine - LOL! I watched loads of women walk out of there with cases!
Fun, fun day! This is the second tour we've taken through our school district. They are a great way to let someone else do the planning and drive you to your destination. LOVE it. Off to do a little scrapping while Jerry watches a fight on TV. Hope you've had a great Saturday!


Dawn AKA-Doodle Princess said...

Oh how wonderful you got to come to my neck of the woods! Sounds like you and your honey had a wonderful time. Love that you do such fun couple activities together. Hugz

Kim said...

oh, such a fun date day! I'm so very poor honeybee had to work. I love wine tasting. We have a winery just about 4 miles from our house. I love going there. I have to say, I hadn't thought about wine and chocolate together. I'm so glad you had this beautiful day to enjoy together.
Kim xXx

Karen said...

What a fun cultural experience. While I don't drink wine, I would have joined you for the chocolate. lol

Laurel said...

Wow, looks like a great day!