Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sales for You

I thought I would mention a some sales for you. We surely need to economize in our craft whenever we can!

The first is Scenic Route. They are liquidating all of their product in preparation for closing. I really like some of their papers, etc. It's always sad to hear about a company closing. I love this hobby of mine, and I am one of those consumers that loves to draw from everywhere to complete my memory books, gifts, and cards. Well anyway, check out their sale. You might find some things you like!

The next sale is Sticker Planet. When this company first opened years ago, it was just that - stickers. Now they have changed their name to Sticker Planet Plus, and I am so impressed with what they carry! I can get Bazzill flowers there, stamps, papers, embellishments. They divide everything by company, so it's quick and easy to shop on their site. Because they are internet-only and don't send catalogs, they also keep their costs really low. Anyway, use this code - SP50SHIP - before October 19 and you'll get free shipping on your order of $50 or more. Their shipping is incredible. I ordered several papers not long ago (you get to order by piece - not package), and I was quite concerned about the delivery. I don't want bent paper! But each companies paper came in a clear envelope. the embellishments were separated, and there was a lot of packing peanuts to keep everything safe. I was very impressed! I have been ordering from this company for years, and it just keeps getting better and better!

Don't forget to sign up for your Archiver's newsletter! If you have one in your area, it is well worth it. Every month you get at least one 30% off coupon and a coupon for free cardstock. Just the other day, I picked up 1o sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 paper for $3.90, and I got 10 more sheets FREE. That makes 40 cards for Operation Write Home!

Also, check out JoAnn's online. A lot of times I find things less expensive online than I do in the store. I have needed a new fiskars euro trimmer for awhile (the only one I'll use), and I found it online for $18.19. That's a great price considering I paid $29.95 for my first one. Also, a great value because my first one carried me through 5 years and so much cutting for workshops! I simply did a google search and found a free shipping code for JoAnn's, and I was good to go!

Hope this info helps you save a few $$! With the money you saved, maybe you can get a pedicure or go to a movie with your sweetheart! ;)

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Dawn said...

Don't you feel good when you find a sale or coupon to use? I am such a thrifty person and I am all for saving.