Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Song to Share

**This is my second post today. You'll want to scroll down for artwork!**

You know there are many things going on in today's world. It seems pretty unsteady out there sometimes, doesn't it? I could go on and list things, but each one of us knows what has made our lives "different" in the last year or so. Prayer is vital, so I pray for each one of you every day! I may not even who you are, but God does. So when I send up prayers for my blog readers, rest assured He hears...

There is a song that gives me much inspiration. I guess sometimes I feel so small in this big old world (do you relate?). This song by The Martins reminds me that it only takes my faith to make it through...

Any other man surely would have been scared to see that Philistine just standing there
After all the man was over nine feet tall.
But a little boy 'bout half his size with a stubborn faith burnin' in his eyese
Didn't really seem to be afraid at all.
You see little David knew what the others did not
There's not a giant or an army too big for God.
Makes me wanna say,
Somebody give me a stone, somebody give me a sling
Then step aside and watch God do His thing!
We've got a giant in our way but that's about to change today.
When you stand for God, you don't stand alone. Somebody give me a stone!
Everybody has their own giant to face.
Some taller, some smaller, whatever the case.
Don't we all have problems bigger that we are?
But a childlike faith can pound for pound bring a lot more giants to the ground than any other weaponry by far.
You see little David knew what the others did not
There's not a giant or an army too big for God!

Now I want to close with a video by Casting Crowns. I think you'll like it...

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Kim said...

Such a beautiful message and video to share with us today. I love Casting Crowns! I hadn't seen that video yet. You are certainly uplifting in my days and I praise God that we have become friends!
Kim xXx