Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, the Joy of the Lake!

Jerry and I snuck away for the weekend and went up to Nisswa, MN. What a beautiful weekend we had! It was in the 80's and that is very unusual for this time of the year in MN. We stayed at a beautiful place right on the Paul Bunyan trail, so we did lots of walking. There were fall festivals in Nisswa and Pequot Lakes, so we took in those surrounding communites. Naturally, I have a favorite coffee shop up there, so we visited again. There was a great BBQ rib contest which Jerry just loved!
The lodge we stayed in had bikes (for free!) so we took a really great ride on the trail. With the weather so warm, we spent a good deal of time walking in the water and sitting on the edge with our feet in. There's not much better than these types of days!
I purposefully take a lot of pictures of Jerry on the lake. I know that my husband would like to retire there one day. If he told me that we were moving tomorrow in order to spend the rest of our lives on the lake, I'd pack pretty fast! We love the air by the lake. I don't know if I've ever told you, but I am just not a city girl. Where we live now if the furthest we can live away from Jerry's work, and we are blessed with a beautiful backyard with woods on half of our lot. However, there is still the "air" of city, much traffic, a little too much noise, and there are no trails. Isn't that funny?! I think I am getting quite finicky as I get older!!

Anyway, I do hope you take the time to get away with the one you love. Explore a new place (or an old place) and really enjoy the view. Take time to breathe, set your problems behind, and bask in what God has so richly blessed us with. You will be thankful you did!


HazelQ said...

What a beautiful place Brenda, I'm sure you had a lot of fun there :)

Kim said...

Oh how romantic! It is just a beautiful place and I know that your and your sweet dalin' bee had so much fun exploring that beautiful lake and landscape. I'm glad you had fun! It is great to create those memories with the love of your life!
Kim xxx