Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Gabbing Tonight

I didn't work in my craft room today. Jerry was home from work at 10:30 am - oh no! Not that I don't like my husband home, mind you. But because Jerry works on commission, an early day means no work. As an auto body painter for a large franchise, he has never quite seen slow downs like he is having now. And he's been in this industry for 20 years! Unfortunately, people are cashing out on accidents instead of having their car repaired. Who can blame them? It is very difficult in this economy to make ends meet. But enough of the "blue" news. Time to move on!

I took advantage of Jerry being home early to get some errands done. We ran to Aldi (do you have one in your neighborhood?), the dollar store, and on to the farmer's market. We've had such lovely weather that it was very nice to go to the market. Lovely vegetables this time of the year. Truly (and I'm not exaggerating) the cauliflower we picked up for $2.00 was as big as a basketball! We love the little cucumbers and sweet baby carrots. It's squash time, too, so I'll give you my favorite recipe in another post. Oh, and best of all, apples are ready! Yippee!! We love this time of the year for fresh apples!

Shane came for dinner tonight. What a lovely visit we had! He is working so hard at two jobs, and we couldn't be more proud of him. I made his favorite snickers salad for dessert, so he was happy with the meal! He also spent some time giving some love to the pets. Oh were Sassy and Chanel glad to see him!

Back to the craft room tomorrow! I am thinking I might have withdrawl if I went TWO days without crafting! Oh, I must tell you that I'm having a scrapbooking day on Saturday. LOVE that!! I'll be having my mother-in-law, my oldest sister, and three nieces over starting at 7:00 am. What fun we will have! I'll be sure to share pictures of the day. I've made this treats for the girls in special boxes, but I'll have to post them later, so that they are surprised!

Enough gabbing for the night. Hope everyone is having a good week. And remember, no matter what, make today your best day!


Karen said...

Don't you just love this time of year...still warm and sunny but full of fresh veggies and the excitement of the coming of Fall? I wish I could come to your scrapbook day!

Kim said...

Sounds like you had a fun day and some YUMMY food. I love the Farmer's Market, but with my Daddy's garden in Tennessee, we go into the yard to gather our fresh veggies! I LOVE IT!! I'm glad Shane got to take a break and come home for a lovely meal with his mom, dad, and favorite pets!
Kim xXx