Thursday, September 17, 2009

Falling for Fall

I spent some time outside today with the furry kids. What a beautiful day here in MN! I had to snap some pictures of my sweetheart pets. Chanel started out rocky with us, but she has become one of the gentlest, most playful dogs I know. Do you know that she will jump up in your lap and lay her head on your shoulder? Now how could you refuse love like that? I am so glad that Shane brought her home to us and that she was rescued at the carnival!

As I type, Miss Sassy is waling all over my desk and looking for all the attention she can get. She just had her warm milk, so she's ready for a nap. Yes, I do spoil her and give her warm milk! When I was growing up on my Grandma & Grandpa's farm, all the kitties got fresh warm milk from the cows and they loved it!

Do you have Sedum plant in your garden? If you don't, look for one at the nursery. Just when everything is coming to an end, here's the beautiful Autumn Joy Sedum bringing it's color to the garden. Lovely!

Well, I've got a beef roast with fresh potatoes and carrots in the oven, so I'm quite certain Jerry will be a very happy man when he gets home today!

Now I'm off to enjoy the weather for the day!
Let today be your best day!


HazelQ said...

Awww cute dog!! I have a beagle too, they're the most adorable & lovable pets :) beautiful pictures ;)

Kim said...

Adorable littl Chanel and Sassy. I swear, you remind me so much of myself!!! I love my babies too. I have that beautiful Autumn Joy in a couple of beds too. Love it...
Kim xXx
Daddy and I are trying your applesauce recipe on Saturday, we'll let you know the outcome, Yummy I am sure.

Karen said...

What a heartwarming post. Your pets are so cute I could just reach through the computer and give them a little hug. Dinner sounds yummy. I'll be right over.