Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Blog Awards!! What an Honor!!

Wow! I am so touched by my wonderful blogging friends! It is not only an honor, but I am humbled by these awards. I never take them lightly as I know they are passed on with love.

This first award is "Eye Like Your Style." I received it from Dawn and Kim. These two women are amazing, and I want to pass it right back at them! The other people I want to send it to are Penny, Jamie, Tina, and Laurel. If you aren't a follower to any of these blogs, you will want to check them out. You will find fabulous artwork and lots of inspiration! They have all inspired me in one way or another, so I like to keep my eye on their style!!

This next award is from Karen. Karen is one of the most incredible artists I know. She also has a strong love for family, and so her posts always touch my heart.

Here are the rules of this award.
*pass this on to bloggers who you feel are honest in their blogging
*list 10 honest things about yourself

I am going to pay it forward by passing this award to the following friends:
  • Kim (I am grateful for this prayer partner of mine. Although we've never met, we are definitely sisters at heart.)
  • Tammy (I admire her spirit, her courage, and strength. She is a wonderful example to all.)
  • Selene (I really look to her for honesty in artwork. There have been a couple of times that she hasn't like what she's posted, but she does anyway! What a true spirit of crafting!)
  • Tina (She has been an inspiration to me in business, in artwork, in teaching. And she shares her family on her blog. I like that!)
  • Karen J (She recently opened her crafted room for bloggers! Now that is honest - showing close-ups and all! Her artwork is beyond compare. I look to her for so many ideas!)
Now let's see. 10 honest things about myself:
  1. I will drink blended coffee before I have a meal.
  2. Much to my dismay, I watch reality shows. American Idol is my fav.
  3. I home-schooled my son, Shane, for several years.
  4. Speaking of Shane, even though he's 20 years old, my "mama bear claws" still come out when they need to. Guess I'm still a little protective, huh?
  5. I never hoard my scrapbooking supplies. I purchased them to use them!
  6. I am extremely afraid of frogs. Very silly, but true.
  7. I don't like wearing pants. 99% of the time, you will find me in a dress.
  8. I played baseball on the "boys team" when I was growing up. Still and all, baseball is my favorite thing to watch.
  9. My favorite scripture is Micah 6:8, and my favorite book of the Bible is Philippians.
  10. My husband and I never argue. It's easier to compromise!


Karen said...

I love your 10 honest things! Thanks for playing. You are a gem!

Kim said...

YOU are such a friend to me Brenda! It would so be worth the drive to MN just to hug you once!!! I feel the same about you, a sister in the heart and in Christ! I graciously accept and can't wait to share my 10 honest things!
Kim xXx

Thank you for all of your beautiful words daily on my blog and for your amazing inspiration you send be, creatively and spiritually!