Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simple Pet Layouts

You know, as I took out these pictures today, I thought of something. So often I work to make the most beautiful layout filled with lots of flowers, embellishments and "things." That's great! I love looking at those layouts in my books - and I will be making a lot more of them.
However, sometimes I think I just need to relax in this hobby, this craft that I love so much. I don't want to take too much time working to make a layout just perfect, so that I eventually lose that love. I also think that it can detour people from looking a blog. I want to make things that people can easily copy without much fuss. Just a revelation I had today! LOL! Enough rambling now.
For these two layouts, I used Cloud 9 pet paper. Because the colors match, I can easily put them in the pet book side by side even thought the backgrounds aren't the same. I captured my sweet pets sleeping. And what funny personalities I've got in my house! I used Thickers letters from American Crafts, and the small embellishments and sayings are random. Didn't take much time or product, but I did what I wanted to do - showcase my sleeping beauties!
**If you'd like to see the layouts larger, just click on them.**


Dawn said...

Oh your fur baby does look like mine! My Pippie is also a sleeper all day and on the prowl all night keeping watch on the house. She doesn't know she is a cat! Can you imagine a house with out a pet? I just love my partner ...I love your layouts perfect to add to any album.

Jamie Harder said...

I love layouts that keep the focus on the photos and the stories...that is what scrapbooking is all about! Great pages!! And adorable fur babies!

Kim said...

I love this and that title is fab! I just know that Chanel and I would be great friends! I like keeping it simple too. Matter of fact, I LOVE keeping it simple but need to do that more often myself...
Kim xXx

Laurel said...

Adorable! Love the layouts and the pictures.