Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Practical Scrappers Contest - Please Vote!

Yep, you just saw this layout a couple of days ago with all the detailed instructions. My entry is one of three posted for the Practical Scrappers contest using a Crafter's Workshop template. I would be overjoyed if you went to Practical Scrappers and found my worthy of your vote!

There are two categories in which to place your vote. First, there are the layouts that used Crafter's Workshop templates - I'm #3! Next there is a category for summer layouts so you can peruse and vote for your favorite there, too!. We were only able to create for one category, so I chose the template. The winner of each category will receive a Crafter's Workshop template.

If you haven't been to Practical Scrappers, check them out. This is a blog devoted to using supplies that you already have. I love that! In this time right now where money is tight for so many, it is great to see eye candy made from what we have in our stash! I have had masses of colonial white brads in my stash for ages, and I was running out of ways to use them. Finally, this layout allowed me to use so many. I loved that!! This would be a great place to use eyelets as well if you have bunches of them in your craft boxes. Using what we have and not hoarding - what a great concept!

Thanks so much for looking at my layout!


Penny said...

I voted for you :)

Kim said...

I'm voting too, for you! I just LOVE your layout! Never did find my templates...
Kim xXx

mueppi said...

I voted too!
Hugs Gisela

Laurel said...

I voted for you, good luck!