Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Blog Award That Made Me Cry...

I was reading my blog last night before I went to bed, and I found this award from Melissa Laverty. Melissa is a very happy and excited Director Consultant for CTMH. I followed her tweets the whole time Leadership was taking place in Long Beach, CA, and she did such a great job of bringing exciting news to us minute-by-minute! Before I say anymore, let me tell you what she said on her blog,
"I'm going to pass this along to Brenda Rose. I doubt that she knows that I even read her blog. But I met her briefly at last year's convention while waiting in line at the coffee shop at the Gaylord and she left a lasting impression on me. She, like Lori, shot to the top in no time. Recently, due to health issues, Brenda has had to pull back from her CTMH business. I can't even imagine. Brenda, keep posting your gorgeous artwork and sharing your amazing story with us. You will always be a member of the CTMH sisterhood!"

I immediately started to cry, and I am still crying as I'm typing. I don't remember Melissa from Convention or many people I talked to. I was so nervous about teaching class - and not about teaching because you know I LOVE to teach. I was nervous because I was having seizures, and I just didn't know what would happen. I should not have travelled, but I wanted so badly to carry through my obligation. In the end, I spent the time in bed trying to calm down whatever was going on neurologically. What I am grateful for now as I read Melissa's post is that even through this condition of mine, I was able to touch her in some way. I am so proud of her for taking everything that Close To My Heart has to offer and becoming a Director in such short order.

I gave up a team of beautiful, strong women, and the saddest day for me in CTMH was when my title went from Director to consultant again. So much hard work and in the end, I had to give it away. I missed being at Leadership - more than anyone knows. However, as you all know I try not to dwell on that because we know that God brings great things in many different ways.

Thank you, Melissa, for sending this blog award and for bringing it in such a heartfelt and touching way. You have greatly warmed my heart.


Penny said...

omw. this post made me tear up. I haven't been a follower long enough to know much, but obviously you must be an amazingly wonderful person to have left such an impression one someone like that :) I wish you all the best.

Dawn said...

Oh how special that so many people touch our lives. I have met so many special people through blogging.Remember when God closes one door he shows you the way to another (sometimes a window) just being open to whatever comes are way.

Kim said...

I know where Melissa is coming from. Even though you and I have never met in person or spoken to one another, you bless my life and impress upon it every day. I feel such a strong friendship and sisters in Christ with you, Brenda. I do believe that people come inot our lives for a reason and I am so blessed that you have come into mine!
Praying for you tonight,
Kim xXx

Melissa Laverty said...

Just read your post and you made me cry! Thank you.