Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Art of Keeping Busy When All You're Left With is a Chair

What an ugly chair! In fact, when we bought it for Shane 8 or 9 years ago, that's what we named this chair - "Ugly Chair." The thing is that it's probably the most comfortable chair in the house. Countless times I would walk into Shane's room, and there he was curled up in that chair reading, listening to music, or watching tv. When he moved out yesterday he opted not to take Ugly Chair. I sat and swiveled in that chair and looked at an empty room. The more I turned and looked at every empty corner, the sadder I became. So being the person of action I am, I decided to get busy.

I put computer desk in Shane's room (well, with Jerry's help!) , and then I got busy on my craft room right next door. As I was working and thinking of Shane settling in his new home, I felt so much better! So here I am sharing some pictures with you.

I always wanted a place to put out all my bigger tools. It was easy enough to put a 6' table out with a pretty tablecloth and line them up in a useful way.

I love having the bulletin board up! It gives me the opportunity to display 6 layouts, and that's so much fun! I also have a great place for my clip-it. LOVE that organizer. Everything is used because I don't have to dig through anything. I made an embossing station, too, right next to the clip-it. Oh will that be handy!
I am blessed to have a great big window in my craft room that gets lots of south sun. The cubby in the wall serves as a great place to put all my 12x12 bins - and I even labeled all of them!
I made good use of the closet. With an extra set of shelves, I was able to store a lot of things. It's nice to be organized and have a place for my alterable items.
So that's what happens when you are left with a only a chair. I found out my first lesson as a newbie empty nest Mom. Keeping busy is a must, and I'm thinking that things won't feel so empty that way. Now down to sit with Jerry and enjoy the evening!


Katherine said...

Awesome Awesome space! Love that window :)

Michelle H. said...

Love the new craft room! Glad to see you're keeping busy since Shane moved. See you this week!

Bastelfrosch said...

Oh Brenda, this is a wonderful room which you have prepared.
Thus you have great Scrapsachen, and everything so really substantially tidily. An absolutely nice room.
A lot of fun with work darinnen. Maybe you can lose very fast your sadness.
I wish it you!