Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Those Tattered Angels

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist that is! I picked up another color last weekend. I just love this spray! I was inspired to do this layout because one of the designers, Patti, over at Creative Scrappers is having a chllenge to use two Glimmer Mists as a background. Let me tell you a bit about what I did.

I took a piece of textured cardstock and spritzed it with Pearl Glimmer Mist. Then I added Graphite Blue Gkimmer Mist. I'll give you a hint. When you use them, hold the mist about a foot away from your paper. You'll get a better spray that way. Also shake up your bottle really good!

Then I took some white Petaloo paper flowers and sprayed them. The largest and smallest are Graphite Blue and the middle flower is sprayed in Pearl. Another thing, your paper might get "wet." You can easily dry them with your embossing gun. If your paper seems to curl a little, I suggest putting it under something heavy. That's what I've always done and it looks great!

The other items are Paper Loft Back Country, Outdoor Denim cardstock, Bohemian twill, and Outdoor Denim accents. Oh, the big letters are die-cuts from CTMH.

I like looking back on pictures of our Coltie. He was with us for a little more than 13 years before he we had to put him down. Cancer had really ravaged his poor springer body. Sometimes I think he would have hung on a few more years just because he loved us so much, but it's just not fair to see your doggy in so much pain. So I'll start scrapping his days now. Now that we've got this bundle of energy Beagle, Miss Chanel #5, we can move on. Never a replacement for Coltie, but she sure has grown on us! Even if she does always sleep in the middle!


Bastelfrosch said...

The LO has become nice fantastically. I am absolutely inspired.
Unfortunately, I am able so badly in English, but my translation programme has translated so jocularly, I have had a good time deliciously.

CBT said...

This LO is just beautiful!