Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There is a Coffee Emergency in the Rose House!

You are looking at the LAST bottle Nescafe Ice Java that we can find on the grocery store shelves. It was discontinued in May, and for some reason unexplainable to a person like me (yes, I have talked to the people at Nestle), they are not going to bring it back. This constitutes a real coffee emergency in the Rose house in the summertime.

You could say that a good ice blended coffee is my mojo when I sit down for a long spell of scrapping. Oh, if I'm just making a card or one two pages, I can do with a tall glass of ice water or diet mountain dew. (No eating while scrapping or creating - that actually wrecks my mojo.) But if I want to sit down for a full day, I like that blended coffee somewhere in there.

I'll also get up on my soapbox a bit here. Jerry and I stopped at Caribou for an Espresso Cooler one day. Now we love Caribou - Shane used to work there. But gracious me! It was over $10 for us to have medium coolers. It's only $3.99 for this bottle of Ice Java, and it makes 20 drinks! Add $1.50 can of whipped cream from Wal-Mart, and now we're talking economy. I think we're going to have pass on Caribou or Starbuck's from now on!

I have to tell you, I have friends and family that love my blended coffees, too.

But Nestle's decision leaves me in a dilemna. Where will I get my coffee mix? Well, I have been researching recipes and websites. I'll figure something out without breaking the Rose bank!

;) Hope I gave you a good chuckle today!


Scrappin With Tammy said...

Oh Brenda, you make me laugh! I do have to agree with you about Starbucks or Caribou, though. Maybe it is the 'small-town girl' in me, but I don't understand everyone's fascination with that place. I hope you find something comparable to your Nestle iced coffee.


Brenda said...

I found some Ice Java online! Yippee - my friends and family will be thankful, too!