Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look at What I Was Surprised With!

Actually, my sister Linda gave me and all of my sisters aprons. We were at Lacey's graduation, and here she passed out the 4 of us packages (there are five of us sisters total). I'll refresh your memory a bit. You met Linda with her grandsons not too long ago. Anyway, she's been going to quilting, and she machine embroidered on aprons. What I liked is that she chose fabric especially for each one of us. I knew immediately that mine would be a craft room apron, and sure enough, that's what she intended it for! Take a look at it. I took a close up at the pocket fabric for you, too.

What a joy to receive presents for absolutely nothing! Just because. It's better than giving on birthdays or holidays or anniversaries. "Just because" is the occasion of all. If you haven't given someone something for absolutely no good reason lately, try it. See how it brightens their day!

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Karen said...

Love it! What a kind sister you have. It makes me want to be the 6th sister!