Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Remember a few days ago I told you about one of the books I read, Today is Your Best Day? I want to share a little something out of there again today.

"As God's child, today is your best day because you are totally and completely dependent upon Him. There is no way that today could be your best day if you were dependent upon yourself - your finances, friends, talents, abilities, resources, looks, body, personality, will, mind, or emotion. Money runs out, friends come and go, talents and abilities wear down, resources diminish, and looks change. Your personality is flawed, your body is aging, your mind has limitations, and your emotions rise and fall. God is your only rock, your only security, your only certainty, and your only hope.
How blessed you are to be dependent on God today."
I am quite sure that eveyone single one of us can read this passage and find something in it that pertains to us. The author is so encompassing that he speaks to heart of each one of us. I'll share with you a little more about today about why I am so dependent on the One who created the painted the sunsets for us.
This is kind of a peculiar little symbol, huh? Autumn Terracotta and Outdoor Denim in CTMH colors, it is the diamond that respresents the new medicine I will be starting Thursday. Yippee! You have no idea how much hope I have put in this pill nor how much trust I have put in my doctor. But in the end, my dependency has to be God. I need to have faith that He has given my doctor the greatest wisdom possible for my situation.

That reminds me of another time I was forced to rely on God. This layout was done 5 years ago when I had my VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) implanted. The horizontal cut is on my neck and the vertical cut is right about where my bra strap would come down on the left side. This picture was taken just hours after surgery - and yes, I was home already at that point! Imagine, implanting a metal device with wires that wrap around the vagus nerve in your throat and being home in a couple hours. Truly amazing! Well, anyway, I went ahead and trusted God and my doctor and the outcome was GREAT for 4-1/2 years! So I figure, that I have nothing to lose by doing that again. Only lots of good days to gain!
Yes, I do hope like crazy. Oh, I do wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to new treatments, and I don't think that will ever change. Every new medicine, every new bit of progress is just a good thing. I am always willing to do whatever it takes. So I guess today, my dependency lies in my brain (now is that body or mind?) that needs a touch from the Master's Hand. I do feel very blessed to be dependent on God today.
Make today your best day~


Karen said...


I will put my hope in the Autumn Terracotta and Outdoor Denim triangle for you too! With such great colors, it has to be a winner. tee hee. I love your positive outlook, faith and determination.

Linda said...

Good luck with your medication!

Karen said...

I just got your little 'care package'. You are the absolute BEST! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda, you are remarkable. You have shown great strength and have such a steadfast faith. May God continue to bless us with your words of inspiration and hope. Talk to you soon! {marg vp}