Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Thinking About Mother's Day...

I am still thinking about what a perfect day Mother's Day was for me this year. I am really so blessed to have such gracious and loving son. He has learned so much my dear husband along the way as he has those wonderful qualities that Jerry possesses.

Jerry was making my coffee (which for those of you that know me is gift enough for me!), and he asked me to come up to the kitchen. Shane works late in Uptown, and somewhere on the way home, he stopped and picked up this lovely plant and pastries for breakfast. What a lovely boy! Of course, if you know me REALLY well, you know that I would worry about how I could keep this plant alive! LOL! Jerry told me to care for it gently like I do my precious cat, Sassy, and it all work out all right. Now that's language I can understand!

Shane didn't have to work on Sunday, so we took advantage of having that time with him. We went down to Rosedale for lunch. Somewhere along the way, Shane found one of these lovely new hydrangeas for me. It is pink and blooms all summer. I can't remember what it is called as I am typing, but I am thrilled to have it! I will have to find a special spot for it!

We found out there is a new Brighton store in the Rosedale mall. Oh my goodness! There was a wonderful sale, so Jerry treated me to a new necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I think it's probably dangerous that there is a Brighton store so close, but at least both of my men were with me. They loved the store, and both of them know they will never go wrong at the Brighton store!!

But more than all the goodies and that I was spoiled, it was that all three of us were together. As Shane grows older, and now that he has a more demanding job, it's not always easy to find this kind of time. I absolutely loved going out to lunch as a family. I loved walking in the mall together. I loved in the same vehicle. If I could have, I would have frozen time, so that I could have kept us right there in that moment.
Part of being a mother is letting go, letting your children expand their own wings, and find their own way. Discipline is hard - but this is harder. I've found that replacing that feeling of letting go with pride for what Shane is doing is helping me make it through. When our little nest is empty of a child, I'll have an easier time making the transition.
I hope everyone had a beautiful, joyous Mother's Day!

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Vanessa Middleton said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice Mother's Day and that your boys (*clearing throat*... MEN) spoiled you. That's a beautiful Hydrangea plant! Enjoy your new jewelry too :)