Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Contest! This Girl Still Rocks with Adam!

After tonight's American Idol, it was so easy to start dialing the phone! Whoa, did Adam start the show off right with Led Zepplin. He was in a word - amazing! We seriously felt badly for those who fell in step behind because there just was no way to compare.

Jerry and I were trying to think back on Adam's performances, and we just can't think of one single bad performance. Oh, we know you might disagree with country week, and the Johnny Cash song. I downloaded that from iTunes, and I've grown to like that middle eastern version. And it really can't be so bad if we're all still talking about it!

The worst thing I've ever heard him called is theatrical. And you know what? That's entertainment! We really like this kid.


Karen said...

I'm with you...100%

Tracey Mason said...

Right on Brenda! I am with you and Karen. I love Adam too- even that Johnny Cash song.

Michelle said...

LOVE Adam. I wasn't so crazy about his Johnny Cash song, but it was unique and showed how he's willing to take risks. He ROCKED last night. I think he'll win the whole thing!