Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Remembrances & Card for Heroes

I really like this picture of my dad. I am so glad that my mother copied so many pictures of him when he was young and gave them to me and my sisters. It means the world to me to have them. Well, let me tell you a little more about this one. This is a picture of my Dad when he was at the Air Force base in Cheyenne, Wyoming waiting to go to Japan in 1951. He served as a medic in the Korean War. He was just shy of being 18 years old.
My dad died a couple months after he turned 60 - over 15 years ago. There are times I cannot believe it was that long ago. (And I am certain my mother and sisters would agree.) Truly, his laugh still resonates in my ears when I think about him, and I can still hear his "Finnish" phrases. I loved playing Cribbage with him, and I loved watching Wide World of Sports with him on Saturday afternoons.
My dad didn't talk about the war much at all, but the tattoo on his forearm was a visual reminder. I am sure that being a medic was not easy. So in honor of my dad, I made this card this morning:

In the past I have, I have sent cards to a wonderful organization called Cards for Heroes. That's where this card will go along with several others that I have prepared. Please check out their website!

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Karen said...

Your card is beautiful! THANKS for sharing those memories and that photo of your dad. How fun to share that with you!