Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Appreciate My Family & Friends So Much!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the cards, letters, e-mails, and phone calls I continue to receive. This means the world to me - you will never know how much as I just can't explain it in words. I truly have the kindest and dearest people in my life!

So many of you ask how I am doing, and so often I change the subject. It's much easier for me to focus on the good and sure things in life (like who's going to win American Idol - LOL!). I have really enjoyed taking my time getting ready for my Open House this weekend, and I look forward to seeing those that can make it. I guess my life's been about making adjustments.

I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I learned quite a bit. It's always good to connect with her. I truly do have one of the most compassionate neurologists that exists. But I still really didn't know the full results of my hospital visit, so this was visit was essential. It appears as if I do have more difficult seizures to conquer. They are not acting "normal" (as if there is a normal seizure), so it is more difficult to treat them. So as I go about my life having these clinical seizures that aren't "normal," I've got no other choice but to put my brain in my doctor's hands.

I did get some interesting results from another round of tests. It turns out that some processes in my brain are declining. My focus, concentration, word finding, retention, and memory - all of that. I knew this, and that is why I was having such a hard time teaching. I've always been a "finish what you started" girl when it comes to work, and I just couldn't do that anymore. Too much energy goes into staying with a task.

There is good news! This decline is most likely caused by one of my medicines. And yippee! The FDA is approving a new medication as I type. God bless those who research!! I have tried every other drug on the market, so this is it for me. You don't know how hard I am praying that this will work for me and be a good substitute. I covet your prayers as well...

In the meantime, my doctor says it pretty important that I live low-key. The more I can do to control seizures, the better off I will be. So I guess it's not so bad that I've just been creating as I please. Not so easy to do, though, after the pace I've kept for the past three years! It also seems more than a little selfish to focus on me, but if it's just for this little while to get things under control, well, okay, I can do it.

That's my update! Thank you again, so much, for being such great friends! Now, on to a lighter side - on Monday, May 11, I'm going to start daily artwork on my blog. I'll teach as much as I can through those postings. Be sure to bookmark my blog and check back every day!


Karen said...

Good and bad news. But, I am thrilled there is a new medication that might make things better for you. I love your attitude and outlook on life. I'm with you, who is going to win AI is one of the important things in life. Silly, but isn't it the small things that bring us some of the greatest joys? I have thought about that a lot this week after a friend talked about the little things in her life that bring her intense happiness. I think the world of you and will keep you in my prayers. I am looking forward to your daily artwork. You are so talented!

Linda said...

Brenda, we will continue to keep you in our prayers - thank goodness for new medications coming out every day - let's hope that this one works for you. I am glad you posted this and explained it all. And yes, I look forward to seeing the artwork and the instructions - you know how much I appreciate that!