Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Linda!!

Happy Birthday to my sister Linda! I love this picture of you and your grandboys, Linda! Look at their smiles and how happy they are to be with you!! I am quite certain that you had a wonderful early celebration with them this weekend!

Let me tell the rest of you about my sister Linda. There are 5 girls in our family, and she falls into head position (notice, I didn't say oldest!). When I was much younger, I resented how well Linda carried on this God-given position. I can tell you this because she knows there was a time I felt this way. However, as I've grown older, wiser, and God has literally beat me over the head with insight - LOL! - she was the right one. I hope that all of you that have older siblings come to respect and love them the way that I do Linda.

She has great faith, and I could ask her to pray for anything. Look at the way she loves her grandchildren! That is not a picture - that is the way she loves them - wholeheartedly. I take many things I see in her and hold them close for when I have the honor of becoming a grandparent. She is a supportive wife, mother, daughter, and sister - through all kinds of trials I have watched her put others before herself. And wow - can she craft - she can create anything from a sewing project to knitting to crocheting to paper crafting to beading to quilting.

So this is a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Linda! Enjoy the rest of the week and treat yourself well!!


Linda said...

Wow - what a surprise to open up your blog and find such a wonderful tribute! You know that I am having a tear-filled month and this is just a beautifully written sentiment - thank you so much - I shed another tear. But remember all of your own wonderful attributes - though we are all individuals - you have the all the same qualities!

Patti said...

Well, I haven't had time to read stuff on your blog, Brenda, for awhile, but I am really missing out on some great stuff! You are right about our Linda! I agree with all the beautiful things you said, and with what Linda said, too, about you! I am lucky to have you both in my life and believe me, I don't ever forget that! XXOO and keep celebrating that birthday month, Linda! It's not over yet!