Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Couple of Days of Lots of This and That

I haven't posted any artwork the past couple of days because something else caught my eye Thursday evening. I took note of just how disorganized I had let my kitchen become during the past few years. Oh my!! This is what happens when you are working!! I just don't wasn't paying attention to where I was putting things or even what I had on my pantry shelves.

My dear friend Karen motivated me with her goals. (Thanks, Karen - really!!) I am planning to have a garage sale this summer, but it's important for me to clean out the house first. After 20 years of being a family, we have accumulated! So I cleaned out those kitchen cupboards, and WOW! - I had Jerry take 9 large boxes to the garage! I finally cleaned out "Monica's closet" (and if you watched Friends, you know what this is). I am basically a pretty good housekeeper and my house is generally always clean. But I've got that one closet that you'd better not go into or something might fall out on to you! LOL! So my youngest sister Julie named it my "Monica's closet." And she loved that I had it.

I was able to stock of my pantry. Do you have any idea how much oatmeal one can accumulate if you are not paying attention? Co-op oatmeal, Quaker tubs, instant - oh my gosh! We can eat oatmeal every day for the next 6 months and not run out! I think I'll be making oatmeal cookies....

When I showed my husband the fruits of my labor, he was so pleased! That was well worth the day's work. The kitchen feels a little less burdened, a little lighter, and I'm much happier in there. It's a 1985 little kitchen, so anything I can do to make it better, makes life good!

Today, my mother in-law and I went to the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. We had a really good time walking around and looking at all the fun things and the card samples. One of my favorite booths was the company The Paper Cut. They had some of the best cards bases and designs. I also found some new Nestabilities at 20% off with a great demonstrator. LOVE them. They are easy to use and make beautiful cards. And of course, it was fun to run into Jillene at the CTMH booth. She had such a big, beautiful booth. I hope she has great success there this weekend!

So as I said, it's been a couple of days of this and that! Productive, fun, and I am definitely ready for a rest!!


Karen said...

Now you have motivated me to get more motivated with my goals. LOL! My kitchen is in dire need of a serious organizational face lift as well. Those oatmeal cookies sound good!

Linda said...

I am going to be doing a lot of this and that in the next couple of months - it is good to get things cleaned out!

Karen said...

I just left you a little award over on my blog. check it out: